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12月の休館日 : 9日(水)・10日(木)・11日(金)・12日(土)


“The snail real figure” is the lifelike mockup reproducing the living state of a snail including its mollusk soft body, which cannot be preserved as a specimen by any contemporary technological means. The project is now on the way of reproducing as many as 800 species found in Japan and other staple species in many parts of the world.  In our museum visitors will be enjoying the charms of snails and their relatives, mainly watching these figures in the perspectives of natural science, humanities and artistic expressions.

[ Notice ]
It was closed due to the new coronavirus, but it will resume from May 24th (Sun). Originally, it is a space that is unrelated to 3 dense, but we are waiting for the disinfectant, mask, etc. prepared.

Day off in December:19th(Wed).10th(Thu).11th(Fri).12th(Sat)